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Goldberg SL, Schmidt MJ, et al. Remote sensing reveals widespread extent of Amazonian
dark earth. In review.


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First-author conference abstracts

Goldberg SL, Schmidt MJ, Heckenberger M, Franchetto B, Fausto C, Watling J, Moraes
B, Lima H, Dorshow W, Kuikuro A, Perron JT. Remote sensing and machine learning reveal
abundance and patterns of Amazonian dark earth. AGU Fall Meeting 2021 (oral).

Goldberg SL, Stokes MF, Perron JT. Climate Modulates Lithologic Control of River Incision. AGU Fall Meeting 2020 (oral).

Goldberg SL, Schmidt MJ, Deal E, Perron JT, Heckenberger M, Dorshow WB, Kuikuro A, De Oliveira P, Sawakuchi AO. Climatic influence on late Quaternary entrenchment of Amazon rivers. AGU Fall Meeting 2019 (oral).

Goldberg SL, Perron JT. Perspectives on Drainage Reorganization at Convergent Plate Boundaries from Modeling and Topographic Analysis. AGU Fall Meeting 2018 (poster).

Goldberg SL, Stokes M, Perron JT. Ongoing River Capture in the Amazon via Secondary Channel Flow. AGU Fall Meeting 2017 (poster).

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